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This area of dentistry involves all of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the diseases affecting the surrounding tissues (gingiva, bone, etc.) of the teeth (or implants) that actually support the teeth. This branch of dentistry is equally important to caring for the teeth themselves, just as important as the prevention of decay. Scaling (cleaning) of the teeth at appropriately set intervals along with good home care is very important for the prevention of diseases affecting the gums and helping to achieve and maintain good oral health. Sometimes, excessive breakdown of soft tissue (developing deep pockets) and significant bone loss require further intervention to help prevent tooth loss. Good oral hygiene and good dietary habits are essential to maintaining optimal oral health.

Pape Dental Centre is your one-stop source for professional periodontic solutions. From gingivitis to moderate and advanced periodontitis that includes extensive bone and tissue loss, we help you with all your dental concerns. Our customized gum treatment and therapy help prevent periodontal disease and allow you to enjoy a youthful, infection-free, healthy smile.

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